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Is there something fishy about your love life? Do you keep going around in circles? We can help your piscatorial partner discover their full potential and let them put the gold in Goldfish.

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“Teach a fish to man and he’ll eat for a lifetime

- Confusion -

Love is a 2-way-street. All the more frustrating when your goldfish gives you the cold shoulder, or flat out denies remembering who you are. This can't be love, right? Right! Today, things will change and we're going to teach you how. Find out how our awarded techniques can turn your life around starting on the first day!

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184% of school bullying is caused by goldfish

Parenting is a serious challenge that every goldfish parent faces, as they tend to forget they have children after a mere 3 months. Thus, young goldfish lack basic structure and even a rudimentary understanding of manners. We can teach your goldfish to behave like a gentleman.

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Fish are hard to walk

No matter how well you train them, they never grow legs quick enough. Tired of waiting for 3 billion years of evolution? We can make your fish grow legs in only 2 days! All you have to do is download our LegAlize app and pick a program! Our 973 stem cell injections do the rest.

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What is love?

An isolated question that will familiarize many goldfish with the concept of foreign sharks proficient in chess.

Pun Bowl
Baby don't hurt me

Goldfish face prejudice in terms of marathon participation. We teach goldfish to stop thinking legs and start thinking fluffy lions.

Don't hurt me

We heard you the first time! Sign up now! Just bring a hat and an amphora filled with contextualized claymatic behaviour.

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